Rural Cottage La Morata

Location and surroundings.

La Morata is a rural house that sits on an old centenary farmhouse.
where the tranquility of the countryside will make you change the rhythm of life during your stay.

Legendary land of living nature,
with a monumental and ethnographic historical heritage.
Nature, history and culture together with its gastronomy makes the Sierra Sur a place yet to be discovered that will surprise you.

sierra sur

Bathed in light and sun and crowned by its castles, towers and watchtowers. From where you can see olive horizons that give life to its simple and hospitable people. That still maintain traditions and customs, is the Sierra Sur de Jaén.

Come to La Morata, visit the Sierra Sur de Jaén and admire its landscapes, discover places and meet its people. They will enrich your spirit and remain forever in your memory.